GCU-ACM as a pioneer of online events in the DCS-GCU, Lahore

We all know that the Coronavirus issue as grew into a pandemic and especially students experiencing the shutdown of universities and their academic activities as well as extra-curricular activities have been stopped. The educational department of Pakistan tried to pursue online classrooms in educational institutions of Pakistan but they failed. The government of Pakistan asked students and the general public to stay in quarantine. Though, universities are not organizing even online events or webinars that can enhance students’ knowledge.

To overcome this issue, the ACM Student Chapter of GCU, Lahore has organized a successful webinar with the audience of 140 plus students on 360° Digital Marketing to direct the attention of students from Coronavirus pandemic. This webinar was open for everyone, anyone belonging to any institute attended this free webinar. It was the first-ever online event organized in the history of the Department of Computer Science, Government College University, Lahore.

This webinar was delivered by one of the famous Google Certified Digital Marketer, Mr. Abdul Wahab Ahmad. He shared the concept of 360 ° Digital Marketing and presented his 15 years of knowledge with the students as they can use it in the future in their professional life to grow their business using digital marketing strategies.

Mr. Wahab is the owner of three reputed companies in Lahore, he also conducts training sessions to transfer his knowledge to the youth. He asked students if they want to pursue an online business, they have to learn some tools and skills like Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO, SEM, SMM, etc. For this purpose, students have to enroll themselves in online courses that offer certifications. There are some courses that are paid, but some have free certifications. Following are a few links of free certification digital marketing courses:

By conducting this online event, the GCU-ACM Student Chapter has become the pioneer of the online events in the history of the Computer Science Department, GC University, Lahore. This student body has opened the gates of webinars and other online events for the DCS (Department of Computer Science) — GCU, Lahore.

For more info follow GCU-ACM on Facebook:

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Computer Scientist, Content Creator, Video Producer. I create content that erects a positive hope with some taste of entertainment.

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Muzamil Shahbaz

Muzamil Shahbaz

Computer Scientist, Content Creator, Video Producer. I create content that erects a positive hope with some taste of entertainment.

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