Many companies uplift their business by outsourcing their IT supports. With the growth of the digital revolution, the worth of the outsourcing market is also increasing quickly. In 2019, it was valued at approximately USD 334 billion and anticipated to touch USD 398 billion by 2025. If you are running a business and want to expand it to the next level, let’s go through the following reasons for adopting IT outsourcing.

Saves Time

Your company must have some other matters that have to be handle in any way. And you’re not at the point where you can do things at the same…

GSM Technology

GSM is generally referred to as the Global System for Mobile Communication. It is a special type of digital network that establishes a possible communication between two or more mobile devices. It is widely used all over the world. There are three digital wireless telephony technologies; TDMA, GSM, and CDMA. But GSM is the most commonly used technology. In GSM, the data is compressed and transferred to a transmission media. It operates on the frequency range of 900 MHz or 1800 MHz. GSM technology is the fastest high-speed circuit-switched data as compare to other technologies.

GSM Network Architecture


Some of my friends were saying, my mobile phone didn’t hack and I am doing a prank. Then before you read my hacking story, I want to give you a disclaimer that it’s not a prank or fake story, and everything you will read it’s based on my real-life experience. If you think it’s fake then you can happily close the window. But there are some tips mentioned in this story which you must read because that could prevent your device from this kind of hacking.

Muzamil Shahbaz mobile phone got hacked

First Attack

If you think only celebrities get a hacking attack then change your mind because…

Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks

Click To Get The Source Code In C#

Introduction to Genetic Algorithm

A genetic algorithm is a search heuristic algorithm that reflects the cognitive operation of natural selection where the best people are chosen for reproduction in society to produce offspring or children of the next generation. This algorithm can be applied to solve constrained and unconstrained problems using the hypothesis of natural selection. The genetic algorithm works on the mechanics of biological development. On the basis of the evolutionary process and artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms provide computer systems with a method of problem-solving.

In every human being, chromosomes store…

Later on, a year ago, Khayaali Production launched the trailer of its finest masterpiece The Last Follower & The Resurrection of Voldemort, which is the first Asian Harry Potter fan-made film. This trailer got the audience’s attention worldwide and they were waiting for the full movie excitingly. And then a time came Khayaali Production finally announced the premiere date of this film. The fans were getting mad over it, their wait was about to an end. …

As the no. of coronavirus cases across the country rises, the number of beds available in hospitals dramatically falls. With an already dysfunctional healthcare system, Pakistan prepares for the worst as coronavirus peak seems imminent.

At more than 96,000 cases confirmed so far, the number of total cases has already far exceeded China’s — the epicenter of the outbreak. There are already reports of some private hospitals turning away new coronavirus patients due to a shortage of beds.

Government officials have repeatedly claimed that the situation is “under control”. However, top health officials across the country and beyond believe that…

We all know that the Coronavirus issue as grew into a pandemic and especially students experiencing the shutdown of universities and their academic activities as well as extra-curricular activities have been stopped. The educational department of Pakistan tried to pursue online classrooms in educational institutions of Pakistan but they failed. The government of Pakistan asked students and the general public to stay in quarantine. Though, universities are not organizing even online events or webinars that can enhance students’ knowledge.

To overcome this issue, the ACM Student Chapter of GCU, Lahore has organized a successful webinar with the audience of 140…

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